You literally JUST memed with one poor trebuchet meme. Also, I saw vikings try and meme with almost 2 decades old demotivator meme in Knights sub. You know what the sad thing is? The utter , BRUTAL seriousness you guys have when you meme. “I leave it to your own consciences, friends, if this is not also true?””By my head, yes,” cried the mason.”I can testify it and I do,” said the wheelwright.”And as to furniture, ye shall say yourselves what mine equipment is. ” He waved his hand in fine gesture of granting frank and unhampered freedom of speech, and added: “Speak as ye are moved; speak as ye would speak; an I were not here.””Ye have five stools, and of the sweetest workman ship at that, albeit your family is but three,” said the wheelwright, with deep respect.”And six wooden goblets, and six platters of wood and two of pewter to cat and drink from withal,” said the mason, impressively. “And I say it as knowing God is my judge, and we tarry not here alway, but must answer at the last day for the things said in the body, be they false or be they sooth.””Now ye know what manner of man I am, brother Jones,” said the smith, with a fine and friendly conde scension , “and doubtless ye would look to find me a man jealous of his due of respect and but sparing of outgo to strangers till their rating and quality be assured, but trouble yourself not , as concerning that; wit ye well ye shall find me a man that regardeth not these matters but is willing to receive any he as his fellow and equal that carrieth a right heart in his body, be his worldly estate howsoever modest.

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